y pa' qué viene si no va a bailar?
Do you want children one day? I know youre a big lesbo and all but that's definitely possible with technology these days!

LMAO. “You’re a big lesbo and all”. Amazing. I do not plan on having kids. Nope. It doesn’t matter if they’re as cute as Lola. That’s not on our plans.

I assumed you and Lola were dating for months lol idk But that's okay. Happy one month to you two cuties:)

Everyone. Says. That. Oh my god. Anyway! It does feel like we have been dating for longer than a month yet it doesn’t seem like it. It’s complicated to explain but I am immensely happy! As I said before, this is the first of many more to come! Thank you very much! Lola is a cutie, indeed.

"This is basically a music blog with the exception of the occasional text post" I am pretty sure you post more then the occasional text post LOL But I like it better this way :)

Hahahhahhaaha. I used to not be as talkative as I am now. I, too, like it better this way.

So wait does that mean you and Lola will get married one day? :)

Yes, we will! :-) I vote for getting married in NYC but we will decide that later on.

Today marks the first month of me being in a relationship with Lozzy!!! How lovely. I am unbelievably glad to have her in my life. As I already said to her, this is the first month of many more to come. Months that will turn into years. I am immensely happy to be able to share the rest of my life with my love. There’s no one better. ♥

It isnt my business but am i wrong here? i thought you said you never want to get married. am i thinking of someone else? because your post saying "i cant wait to marry you, lola" is a little contradictory if im right. lol.

Never say never, mate. Hahahahahaha. I never expected to fall in love and consider the idea of marriage but now I do. There isn’t really “a point” attached to it aside from the fact that I want to call Lola my wife. Marrying her is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most right now. I do.


*sings brian jonestown massacre 2 luisa*


the authority on aaron north

i can’t wait for me to marry you, lola

*sings along to every song i play for Lola*

My. Girlfriend. Is. Perfect.

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